2021 Fixtures

We are joining up with the Richmond Swingers for this season, games are as follows:

Date              Opposition             Venue

Wed   26/05  Game of Throws     Home (Boston Manor)

Wed   02/06   Meteors Purple      Home (Boston Manor)

Thur  10/06    OddSox                  Blackhorse Road

Wed  16/10    Finsbury Dazzlers  Home (Boston Manor)

Wed   23/06   Thundercats           Home (Old Deer Park)

Thur   08/07    Meteors Purple      Blackhorse Road

Wed   14/07    OddsSox               Home (Old Deer Park)

Mon   19/07    Finsbury Dazzlers  Finsbury Park

Tue     27/07   Thundercats           Wandsworth Common (Bellevue Rd)

Wed   04/08    Game of Throws    Wandsworth Common (Bellevue Rd)